li₃ Specifications

Specifications (or specs for short) help us take li₃ further. A spec either has draft or accepted status and can hold nearly anything that may influence, align or guide the project in technical, visual or other theoretical ways.


Drafts are the first step to a standard and are - in contrast to standards - incomplete or prototypical. Some drafts have already been partially implemented or influenced the development, others may not be active anymore and kept for historical purposes.

Drafts may also be created outside this repository inside the main li₃ repository issue tracker. They are labeled with the RFC tag.


Once a spec reaches accepted status it becomes a standard and is assigned an identifier in the form of LSR-X. LSR stands for li3 Standard Recommendation.

Before the accepted status is reached a spec may go through the draft and proposed stages.

Inherited Standards

li₃ also follows selected external standards, created by the PHP Framework Interoperability Group:

Coypright and License

The documents contained in this repository are Copyright 2014, Union of RAD ( and released under the BSD-3-clause license.