public method

Constructor. Configures the Syslog adapter instance with the default settings. For more information on these settings, see the documentation for tthe openlog() function.


  • array $config

    Available configuration settings for this adapter:

    • 'identity' string: The identity string to be attached to each message in the system log. This is usually a string that meaningfully identifies your application. Defaults to false.
    • 'options' integer: The flags to use when opening the log. Defaults to LOG_ODELAY.
    • 'facility' integer: A flag specifying the program to use to log the messages. See the openlog() documentation for more information. Defaults to LOG_USER.




	public function __construct(array $config = []) {
		$defaults = ['identity' => false, 'options'  => LOG_ODELAY, 'facility' => LOG_USER];
		$this->_autoConfig($config + $defaults, []);