protected method

Initializer function called by the constructor unless the constructor 'init' flag is set to false. May be used for testing purposes, where objects need to be manipulated in an un-initialized state, or for high-overhead operations that require more control than the constructor provides. Additionally, this method iterates over the $_autoConfig property to automatically assign configuration settings to their corresponding properties.

For example, given the following:

class Bar extends \lithium\core\ObjectDeprecated {
	protected $_autoConfig = ['foo'];
	protected $_foo;

$instance = new Bar(['foo' => 'value']);

The $_foo property of $instance would automatically be set to 'value'. If $_foo was an array, $_autoConfig could be set to array('foo' => 'merge'), and the constructor value of 'foo' would be merged with the default value of $_foo and assigned to it.




	protected function _init() {
		foreach ($this->_autoConfig as $key => $flag) {
			if (!isset($this->_config[$key]) && !isset($this->_config[$flag])) {

			if ($flag === 'merge') {
				$this->{"_{$key}"} = $this->_config[$key] + $this->{"_{$key}"};
			} else {
				$this->{"_$flag"} = $this->_config[$flag];