public static method

Connects a new route and returns the current routes array. This method creates a new Route object and registers it with the Router. The order in which routes are connected matters, since the order of precedence is taken into account in parsing and matching operations.

A callable can be passed in place of $options. In this case the callable acts as a route handler. Route handlers should return an instance of lithium\net\http\Response and can be used to short-circuit the framework's lookup and invocation of controller actions:

Router::connect('/photos/{:id:[0-9]+}.jpg', [], function($request) {
    return new Response([
        'headers' => ['Content-type' => 'image/jpeg'],
        'body' => Photos::first($request->id)->bytes()


  • string|object $template

    An empty string, a route string / or an instance of lithium\net\http\Route.

  • array|string $params

    An array describing the default or required elements of the route or alternatively a path string i.e. Posts::index.

  • array|callable $options

    Either an array of options ('handler', 'formatters', 'modifiers', 'unicode' as well as any options for Route) or a callable that will be used as a route handler.



Instance of the connected route.


	public static function connect($template, $params = [], $options = []) {
		if (is_array($options) && isset($options['scope'])) {
			$name = $options['scope'];
		} else {
			$name = static::$_scope;
		if (is_object($template)) {
			return (static::$_configurations[$name][] = $template);
		if (is_string($params)) {
			$params = static::_parseString($params, false);
		if (isset($params[0]) && is_array($tmp = static::_parseString($params[0], false))) {
			$params = $tmp + $params;
		$params = static::_parseController($params);
		if (is_callable($options)) {
			$options = ['handler' => $options];
		$config = compact('template', 'params') + $options + [
			'formatters' => static::formatters(),
			'modifiers' => static::modifiers(),
			'unicode' => static::$_unicode
		return (static::$_configurations[$name][] = static::_instance('route', $config));