public static method

Register error and exception handlers.

This method (ErrorHandler::run()) needs to be called as early as possible in the bootstrap cycle; immediately after require-ing bootstrap/libraries.php is your best bet.


  • array $config

    The configuration with which to start the error handler. Available options include:

    • 'trapErrors' boolean: Defaults to false. If set to true, PHP errors will be caught by ErrorHandler and handled in-place. Execution will resume in the same context in which the error occurred.
    • 'convertErrors' boolean: Defaults to true, and specifies that all PHP errors should be converted to ErrorExceptions and thrown from the point where the error occurred. The exception will be caught at the first point in the stack trace inside a matching try/catch block, or that has a matching error handler applied using the apply() method.


	public static function run(array $config = []) {
		$defaults = ['trapErrors' => false, 'convertErrors' => true];

		if (static::$_isRunning) {
		static::$_isRunning = true;
		static::$_runOptions = $config + $defaults;

		$trap = function($code, $message, $file, $line = 0, $context = null) {
			$trace = debug_backtrace();
			$trace = array_slice($trace, 1, count($trace));
			static::handle(compact('type', 'code', 'message', 'file', 'line', 'trace', 'context'));

		$convert = function($code, $message, $file, $line = 0, $context = null) {
			throw new ErrorException($message, 500, $code, $file, $line);

		if (static::$_runOptions['trapErrors']) {
		} elseif (static::$_runOptions['convertErrors']) {