public static method

Apply a closure to a method of the current static object.


  • string $class

    Fully namespaced class to apply filters.

  • mixed $method

    The name of the method to apply the closure to. Can either be a single method name as a string, or an array of method names. Can also be false to remove all filters on the current object.

  • \Closure $filter

    The closure that is used to filter the method(s), can also be false to remove all the current filters for the given method.




	public static function applyFilter($class, $method = null, $filter = null) {
		if ($class === false) {
			return static::$_methodFilters = array();
		if ($method === false) {
			return static::$_methodFilters[$class] = array();
		foreach ((array) $method as $m) {
			if (!isset(static::$_methodFilters[$class][$m]) || $filter === false) {
				static::$_methodFilters[$class][$m] = array();
			if ($filter !== false) {
				static::$_methodFilters[$class][$m][] = $filter;