public method



  • array $config

    Configuration for this cache adapter. These settings are queryable through Cache::config('name'). The available options are as follows:

    • 'scope' string: Scope which will prefix keys; per default not set.
    • 'expiry' mixed: The default expiration time for cache values, if no value is otherwise set. Can be either a strtotime() compatible tring or TTL in seconds. To indicate items should not expire use Cache::PERSIST. Defaults to +1 hour.
    • 'host' string: A string in the form of 'host:port' indicating the Redis server to connect to. Defaults to ''.
    • 'persistent' boolean: Indicates whether the adapter should use a persistent connection when attempting to connect to the Redis server. If true, it will attempt to reuse an existing connection when connecting, and the connection will not close when the request is terminated. Defaults to false.




	public function __construct(array $config = array()) {
		$defaults = array(
			'host' => '',
			'scope' => null,
			'expiry' => '+1 hour',
			'persistent' => false
		parent::__construct($config + $defaults);