public method

Assert Cookie data is properly set in headers.

The value passed to exepected is an array of the cookie data, with at least the key and value expected, but can support any of the following keys:

  • key: the expected key
  • value: the expected value
  • path: optionally specifiy a path
  • name: optionally specify the cookie name
  • expires: optionally assert a specific expire time


  • array $expected
  • array $headers

    When empty, value of headers_list() is used.



true if the assertion succeeded, false otherwise.


	public function assertCookie($expected, $headers = null) {
		$result = null;
		$matched = $this->_cookieMatch($expected, $headers);
		if (!$matched['match']) {
			$message = sprintf('%s - Cookie not found in headers.', $matched['pattern']);
			return $this->assert(false, $message, compact('expected', 'result'));
		return $this->assert(true, '%s');