protected method

Shortcut method used to render elements and other nested templates from inside the templating layer.


  • string $type

    The type of template to render, usually either 'element' or 'template'. Indicates the process used to render the content. See lithium\template\View::$_processes for more info.

  • string $template

    The template file name. For example, if 'header' is passed, and $type is set to 'element', then the template rendered will be views/elements/header.html.php (assuming the default configuration).

  • array $data

    An array of any other local variables that should be injected into the template. By default, only the values used to render the current template will be sent. If $data is non-empty, both sets of variables will be merged.

  • array $options

    Any options accepted by template\View::render().



Returns a the rendered template content as a string.


	protected function _render($type, $template, array $data = [], array $options = []) {
		$context = $this->_options;
		$options += $this->_options;
		$result = $this->_view->render($type, $data + $this->_data, compact('template') + $options);
		$this->_options = $context;
		return $result;