protected property

Callback filters to apply to request data before using it in the authentication query. Each key in the array must match a request field specified in the $_fields property, and each value must either be a reference to a function or method name, or a closure. For example, to automatically hash passwords using simple SHA 512 hashing, the Form adapter could be configured with the following:

['password' => ['lithium\security\Hash', 'calculate']]

Optionally, you can specify a callback with no key, which will receive (and can modify) the entire credentials array before the query is executed, as in the following example:

		'members' => [
			'adapter' => 'Form',
			'model' => 'Member',
			'fields' => ['email', 'password'],
			'filters' => [function($data) {
				// If the user is outside the company, then their account must have the
				// 'private' field set to true in order to log in:
				if (!preg_match('/@mycompany\.com$/', $data['email'])) {
					$data['private'] = true;
				return $data;


	protected $_filters = [];