protected property

Specifies all meta-information for this model class, including the name of the data source it connects to, how it interacts with that class, and how its data structure is defined.

  • connection: The name of the connection (as defined in Connections::add()) to which the model should bind
  • key: The primary key or identifier key for records / documents this model produces, i.e. 'id' or ['_id', '_rev']. Defaults to 'id'.
  • name: The canonical name of this model. Defaults to the class name.
  • source: The name of the database table or document collection to bind to. Defaults to the lower-cased and underscored name of the class, i.e. class UserProfile maps to 'user_profiles'.
  • title: The field or key used as the title for each record. Defaults to 'title' or 'name', if those fields are available.


	protected $_meta = [
		'name' => null,
		'title' => null,
		'class' => null,
		'source' => null,
		'connection' => 'default'