public static method

Allows library information to be retrieved in various ways, including:

By name:

With no parameters, to return all configuration for all libraries:
``` embed:lithium\tests\cases\core\LibrariesTest::testLibraryConfigAccess(22-22) ```

By list of names with a key to extract:
``` embed:lithium\tests\cases\core\LibrariesTest::testLibraryConfigAccess(34-34) ```

With no name, and a key to extract, to return a key/value array, where the library name is
the key, and the `$key` value is the value:
``` embed:lithium\tests\cases\core\LibrariesTest::testLibraryConfigAccess(37-37) ```

By containing class name:
``` embed:lithium\tests\cases\core\LibrariesTest::testLibraryConfigAccess(45-45) ```


  • mixed $name

    Either the name of a library added in Libraries::add(), an array of library names, or a fully-namespaced class name (see usage examples above).

  • string $key

    Optional key name. If $name is set and is the name of a valid library (or an array of valid libraries), returns the given named configuration key, i.e. 'path', 'webroot' or 'resources'.



A configuation array for one or more libraries, or a string value if $key is specified and $name is a string, or a library name (string) if $name is a fully-namespaced class name.


	public static function get($name = null, $key = null) {
		$configs = static::$_configurations;

		if (!$name && !$key) {
			return $configs;
		if ($name === true) {
			$name = static::$_default;
		if (is_array($name) || (!$name && $key)) {
			$name = $name ?: array_keys(static::$_configurations);
			$call = [get_called_class(), 'get'];
			return array_combine($name, array_map($call, $name, array_fill(0, count($name), $key)));
		$config = isset($configs[$name]) ? $configs[$name] : null;

		if ($key) {
			return isset($config[$key]) ? $config[$key] : null;
		if (strpos($name, '\\') === false) {
			return $config;
		foreach (static::$_configurations as $library => $config) {
			if ($config['prefix'] && strpos($name, $config['prefix']) === 0) {
				return $library;