protected static method

Handles the conversion of a class name to a file name using a custom transformation typically defined in the 'transform' key of a configuration defined through Libraries::add().

The transformation can either be a closure which receives two parameters (the class name as a string, and the library configuration as an array), or an array with two values (one being the pattern to match, the other being the replacement).


  • mixed $transform

    Either a closure or an array containing a regular expression match and replacement. If the closure returns an empty value, or the regular expression fails to match, will return null.

  • string $class

    The class name which is attempting to be mapped to a file.

  • array $options

    The configuration of the library as passed to Libraries::add(), along with any options specified in the call to Libraries::path().



Returns transformed path of a class to a file, or null if the transformation did not match.


	protected static function _transformPath($transform, $class, array $options = []) {
		if ((is_callable($transform)) && $file = $transform($class, $options)) {
			return $file;
		if (is_array($transform)) {
			list($match, $replace) = $transform;
			return preg_replace($match, $replace, $class) ?: null;