public static method

Returns various information on the methods of an object, in different formats.


  • string|object $class

    A string class name for purely static classes or an object instance, from which to get methods.

  • string $format

    The type and format of data to return. Available options are:

    • null: Returns a Collection object containing a ReflectionMethod instance for each method.
    • 'extents': Returns a two-dimensional array with method names as keys, and an array with starting and ending line numbers as values.
    • 'ranges': Returns a two-dimensional array where each key is a method name, and each value is an array of line numbers which are contained in the method.
  • array $options

    Set of options applied directly (check _items() for more options):

    • 'methods' array: An arbitrary list of methods to search, as a string (single method name) or array of method names.
    • 'group': If true (default) the array is grouped by context (ex.: method name), if false the results are sequentially appended to an array. -'self': If true (default), only returns properties defined in $class, excluding properties from inherited classes.



Return value depends on the $format given:

  • null on failure.
  • lithium\util\Collection if $format is null
  • array if $format is either 'extends' or 'ranges'.


	public static function methods($class, $format = null, array $options = []) {
		$defaults = ['methods' => [], 'group' => true, 'self' => true];
		$options += $defaults;

		if (!(is_object($class) && $class instanceof ReflectionClass)) {
			try {
				$class = new ReflectionClass($class);
			} catch (ReflectionException $e) {
				return null;
		$options += ['names' => $options['methods']];
		$methods = static::_items($class, 'getMethods', $options);
		$result = [];

		switch ($format) {
			case null:
				return $methods;
			case 'extents':
				if ($methods->getName() === []) {
					return [];

				$extents = function($start, $end) { return [$start, $end]; };
				$result = array_combine($methods->getName(), array_map(
					$extents, $methods->getStartLine(), $methods->getEndLine()
			case 'ranges':
				$ranges = function($lines) {
					list($start, $end) = $lines;
					return ($end <= $start + 1) ? [] : range($start + 1, $end - 1);
				$result = array_map($ranges, static::methods(
					$class, 'extents', ['group' => true] + $options

		if ($options['group']) {
			return $result;
		$tmp = $result;
		$result = [];

		array_map(function($ln) use (&$result) { $result = array_merge($result, $ln); }, $tmp);
		return $result;