public static method

Returns an array of lines from a file, class, or arbitrary string, where $data is the data to read the lines from and $lines is an array of line numbers specifying which lines should be read.


  • string $data

    If $data contains newlines, it will be read from directly, and have its own lines returned. If $data is a physical file path, that file will be read and have its lines returned. If $data is a class name, it will be converted into a physical file path and read.

  • array $lines

    The array of lines to read. If a given line is not present in the data, it will be silently ignored.



Returns an array where the keys are matching $lines, and the values are the corresponding line numbers in $data.


	public static function lines($data, $lines) {
		$c = [];

		if (strpos($data, PHP_EOL) !== false) {
			$c = explode(PHP_EOL, PHP_EOL . $data);
		} else {
			if ($data && !file_exists($data)) {
				$data = Libraries::path($data);
				if (!$data || !file_exists($data)) {
					return null;

			$file = new SplFileObject($data);
			foreach ($file as $current) {
				$c[$file->key() + 1] = rtrim($file->current());

		if (!count($c) || !count($lines)) {
			return null;
		return array_intersect_key($c, array_combine($lines, array_fill(0, count($lines), null)));