protected method
Replaced by `\lithium\aop\Filters::run()`.

Executes a set of filters against a method by taking a method's main implementation as a callback, and iteratively wrapping the filters around it. This, along with the Filters class, is the core of Lithium's filters system. This system allows you to "reach into" an object's methods which are marked as filterable, and intercept calls to those methods, optionally modifying parameters or return values.


  • string $method

    The name of the method being executed, usually the value of __METHOD__.

  • array $params

    An associative array containing all the parameters passed into the method.

  • \Closure $callback

    The method's implementation, wrapped in a closure.

  • array $filters

    Additional filters to apply to the method for this call only.



Returns the return value of $callback, modified by any filters passed in $filters or applied with applyFilter().


	protected function _filter($method, $params, $callback, $filters = []) {
		$message  = '`' . __METHOD__ . '()` has been deprecated in favor of ';
		$message .= '`\lithium\aop\Filters::run()` and `::apply()`.';
		trigger_error($message, E_USER_DEPRECATED);

		list(, $method) = explode('::', $method);

		foreach ($filters as $filter) {
			Filters::apply($this, $method, $filter);
		return Filters::run($this, $method, $params, $callback);