public static method

Gets the current environment name, a setting associated with the current environment, or the entire configuration array for the current environment.


  • string $name

    The name of the environment setting to retrieve, or the name of an environment, if that environment's entire configuration is to be retrieved. If retrieving the current environment name, $name should not be passed.



If $name is unspecified, returns the name of the current environment name as a string (i.e. 'production'). If an environment name is specified, returns that environment's entire configuration as an array.


	public static function get($name = null) {
		$cur = static::$_current;

		if (!$name) {
			return $cur;
		if ($name === true) {
			return isset(static::$_configurations[$cur]) ? static::$_configurations[$cur] : null;
		if (isset(static::$_configurations[$name])) {
			return static::_processDotPath($name, static::$_configurations);
		if (!isset(static::$_configurations[$cur])) {
			return static::_processDotPath($name, static::$_configurations);

		return static::_processDotPath($name, static::$_configurations[$cur]);