public method

Gets a record from the record set using PHP's array syntax, i.e. $records[5]. Using loose typing, integer keys can be accessed using strings and vice-versa. For record sets with composite keys, records may be accessed using arrays as array keys. Note that the order of the keys in the array does not matter.

Because record data in RecordSet is lazy-loaded from the database, new records are fetched until one with a matching key is found.


  • mixed $offset

    The offset, or ID (index) of the record you wish to load. If $offset is null, all records are loaded into the record set, and offsetGet returns null.



Returns a Record object if a record is found with a key that matches the value of $offset, otheriwse returns null.


	public function offsetGet($offset) {
		$offset = (!$offset || $offset === true) ? 0 : $offset;
		if (in_array($offset, $this->_index)) {
			return $this->_data[array_search($offset, $this->_index)];
		if ($this->closed()) {
			return null;
		if ($model = $this->_model) {
			$offsetKey = $model::key($offset);

			while ($record = $this->_populate()) {
				$curKey = $model::key($record);
				$keySet = $offsetKey == $curKey;

				if (!is_null($offset) && $keySet) {
					return $record;