public static method

Finds the position of the last occurrence of a string within a string. Multibyte enabled version of strrpos().

Not all adapters must support interpreting - thus applying - passed numeric values as ordinal values of a character. The Iconv adapter doesn't support an offset as strpos() does - this constitutes the lowest common denominator here.


  • string $haystack

    The string being checked.

  • string $needle

    The string to find in the haystack.

  • array $options

    Allows for selecting the adapter to use via the name options. Will use the 'default' adapter by default.



Returns the numeric position of the last occurrence of the needle in the haystack string. If needle is not found, it returns false.


	public static function strrpos($haystack, $needle, array $options = array()) {
		$defaults = array('name' => 'default');
		$options += $defaults;
		return static::adapter($options['name'])->strrpos($haystack, $needle);