protected static method

Gets the names of the adapter configurations that respond to a specific priority. The list of adapter configurations returned will be used to write a message with the given priority.


  • string $priority

    The priority level of a message to be written.

  • string $message

    The message to write to the adapter.

  • array $options

    Adapter-specific options.



Returns an array of names of configurations which are set up to respond to the message priority specified in $priority, or configured to respond to all message priorities.


	protected static function _configsByPriority($priority, $message, array $options = array()) {
		$configs = array();
		$key = 'priority';

		foreach (array_keys(static::$_configurations) as $name) {
			$config = static::config($name);
			$nameMatch = ($config[$key] === true || $config[$key] === $priority);
			$arrayMatch = (is_array($config[$key]) && in_array($priority, $config[$key]));

			if ($nameMatch || $arrayMatch) {
				$method = static::adapter($name)->write($priority, $message, $options);
				$method ? $configs[$name] = $method : null;
		return $configs;