protected static method

Initializes configuration into $_config using config().

  • Overwrite to implement your own custom configuration merge strategies. -

Behaviors often come with different requirements towards configuration. In some cases just a 1-dimensional array needs to be merged ($config + $defaults) in other cases nested multi-dimensional arrays must be merged or even normalized in a custom way.

That's why merging the defaults with the provided configuration can be controlled easily by yourself - the implementer. By default we do a simple one-dimensional merge adding defaults and configuration to eachother. To control configuration merging overwrite this method.


  • string $model

    Class name of the model.

  • object $behavior

    Instance of the behavior.

  • array $config

    The configuration supplied by the user.

  • array $defaults

    The default configuration for this behavior.

  • array The

    final configuration which should be set for this behavior.


	protected static function _config($model, Behavior $behavior, array $config, array $defaults) {
		return $config + $defaults;